Front element push button

Front element push button adapter for emergency stop mushroom push button break-contact (NC) red Front element push button with adapter and contact elements
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Description push button
• push button for front fitting with fixing nut and adapter for snapping on the contact elements
• plastic construction
• various colors
Technical data  
protection class:  IP 65 (protection from dust deposits and spraying water)
mushroom push button:  red, Ø 30mm, height 11mm
mounting depth:  27mm 
dimensions (LxWxH):  approx. 39 x 30 x 38mm

 green or red

 Taster grün    Taster rot
weight:  approx. 34g
mounting:  mounting fixing nut 
panel cutout:  Ø 22mm 
Dieses Tripusprodukt wird in Europa hergestellt  - Made in Europe  
Description contact elements
• the contact elements are simply snapped onto the front elements adapter
• stackable
• can be combined with break-contact switch element
Technical data  
switch function:  0–1 button-pressing
contacts:  1 make-contact (NO) or break-contact (NC)
breaking capacity AC-15:  24V / 10A - 230V / 4.5A - 400V / 2.6A
breaking capacity DC-13:  24V / 5A - 220V / 0.6A
connection:  screw terminals
protection class:  IP 20 (protection from dust deposits and spraying water)

 green (NO) or red (NC)

 Schliesser grün     Öffner rot
dimensions (LxWxH):  approx. 38 x 10 x 20mm
weight:  approx. 9g
mounting:  plastic latching
constructed acc. to:  EN 60947-5-1, IEC947-5-1
Dieses Tripusprodukt wird in Europa hergestellt  - Made in Europe  
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button red 557.223.02 9,00 € Shopping cart
adapter 557.222 3,50 € Shopping cart
make-contact (NO) green 557.222.01 4,50 € Shopping cart
break-contact (NC) red 557.222.02 4,50 € Shopping cart
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