Pump plug PICCOLO 230V with Schuko plug 2P+E

pump plug PICCOLO 230V with schuko plug 2P+E pump plug PICCOLO 230V with schuko plug 2P+E Schuko plug 2P+E
item number: See overload protection variants
submersible pumps, transport pumps, ground water pumps, etc.
On/Off Schuko plug with 1.5–8A overload protection variants. The switch is suitable for connecting a floating switch. As a result, pumps without any customer-side provided floating switch can be actuated under automatic operations. Under manual operations, the pump runs continuously; the floating switch is out of service.
• plug (0–1/0 automatic)
• overload release (reset reset button)
• push button cover “seal cap”
• position 0: pump not working
• position I: pump running
• position 2: automatic, floating switch actuates pump
• capacitor can be fitted (Ø 35 x 85mm)
Technical data
line data Ue: 1 / N / PE, 230V / 50Hz
breaking capacity AC-3: max. 8A / 250V (depending on overload protection)
overload protection: 1.5 – 8A (see overload protection variants)
backup fuse: max. 16A
line inlet: plug Schuko 2P+E
motor cable connection/ floating switch: screw-type terminals (6 terminals)
motor cable outlet: via M-thread joints
protection class: IP 44 (protection from dust deposits and spraying water)
switch type: closed, without motor cable
fixing: directly into power plug
housing: ABS / grey
dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 190 x 75 x 110mm
weight: approx. 300g
Dieses Tripusprodukt wird in Europa hergestellt  - Made in Europe by TRIPUS
wiring diagram 851.407.pdf




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