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Electromechanical components
Electromechanical components

- Switches with low voltage release,
- Miniature contactors,
- Contactors,
- Motor protection switches, 
- Cam- / main- / service switches,
- Emergency stop / On-Off buttons,
- Membrane button

Modules | Mounting material
Modules | Mounting material

- Electronic braking modules,
- Plastic housing,
- Bottom sections,
- Recessed sockets,
- Push button covers,
- Line cables and plugs,
- Plug holder,
- Cable glands

Switch and control units
Switch and control units

- Motor protection switches
- Motor protection plugs
- Motor starters
- Two-hand safety switches
- Time delayers for start and stop
- Start current limiters
- Auto-star-delta control systems
- Power distribution boxes

Active devices | Innovations
cable restraint

Active devices | Innovations

Camping, caravan, boat and car
Camping, caravan, boat and car

- Wheel chock with holder,
- Bolster plates-set 

Replacement requirements

Replacement requirements

If you need a spare switch and haven't found anything appropriate in our shop.

News from Tripus

New Conditions as of 06/13/2014

In our terms, you can see the updated Conditions.

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Automatic star-delta control systems

230V AC and 24V DC control voltage, 7,5 until 22KW,  start time adjustable

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power distribution box

provides standard 3x 230V schuko power sockets plus 1x CEE socket out of a 16 Amp CEE 3-phase socket.

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Cam-, mainswitches

Ui= 690V, Ith= 16 until 125A. Reserve-, dahlander-, star-delta switches

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Motor protections switches

690V / 25A / 22kW, rated operating current Ie: 0,1 - 32 A

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