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Tripus and MEI products are developed, produced and tested according to the relevant national and international legal requirements. Please observe the following safety instructions, as electric current can lead to damage of property or persons if handled carelessly.

 For safety reasons and CE regulations: Unauthorized modifications and alterations of our products are not allowed. Only qualified electric specialists are authorized to install or repair our products. Damage caused by unqualified work is not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. All switches or machines must be separated from the mains voltage before maintenance, repairs or an exchange of parts or elements.

 Fastening our switch systems to the machine or directly to the motor requires circumspection. Make sure, there is no electric current from the system to the machine (e.g. if screws in the interior are not covered). For metal housing appropriate earthing is required. The switches must be fastened tightly and, if necessary, sealed so that water cannot get into the ventilation or drain openings nor in the plugs. Mortal danger!

 Do not use our products in unfavourable conditions, such as rooms with a high concentration of gases, fumes, steam or dust Do not use them either in or near water: Mortal danger!

 The switch system must be operated with the mains voltage indicated on the type plate or the on the circuit diagram. Please check  the necessary fuse of your mains to avoid damage of the switch system. The earthing or polarity of the switch mustn’ be disconnected or changed. Notes on our products must be observed. Never put in items through ventilation openings or drill-holes. This may cause electric shock and / or short-circuit!

Avoid overload of wall sockets or extension leads. This may lead to fire or electric shock! Extension leads should be undamaged. The cable diameter must be at least 1.5 or better 2.5 square mm and its length as short as possible. Worn couplings can cause smouldering or failure of the switch due to the high transitional resistance.Using  the machine with too little cable diameter or too much cable length  causes a drop in power and would be most irresponsible!

Before moving or transporting a machine it must absolutely be separated from the mains! Shocks on mounted contactors may cause unintentional start of the machine. Sudden pulls on the cable can damage the switch-plug combination. 

Avoid sudden tearing or pulling of the cable. When the plug or the cable input are damaged the mains fuse must be taken out at once. In that case do not touch the machine, the switch or the cable. Mortal danger! Torn out parts (plugs, inputs, etc.) must not be remounted (snapped in, screwed on or glued), but must be exchanged.

 Do not operate the switch with any instrument but your hands

 Avoid short switch cycles as these can lead to damages of motor and / or switch system by creating enormously high temperature in the motor. Switch off immediately when the motor is blocked. Attention! Danger of fire and burning.

 The electronic brake does not work in a power failure or after damage. In this case do not reach inside the danger zone before the machine has come to a complete stop. A damaged brake must be exchanged immediately.
First take the machine from the mains before exchanging or repairing parts (such as saw blades, lawn mower knives, etc.), or before taking out chaff or saw dust from the danger zone.

 Malfunction or damage of the switch can occur with temperatures below zero or more than 40° Celsius and/or very high humidity, water and/ or high dust concentration.

 It is not allowed to run dangerous machines unsupervised.

 Do not use chemical solvents for cleaning. These may damage the plastic coating. Never use a hose or high pressure for cleaning. Do not expose the switch to any moisture. If water gets in, it may impair its electrical safety. Taken out of service or during longer breaks the machine, respectively the switch must be separated from the mains by pulling out the plug.

 Electronic brake-equipped switchgear cannot be connected to generators, emergency generating sets, power generators or electrical line converters!


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