Replacement requirements

 Tripus products are developed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the relevant national and international regulations.
 Our switchgear is designed specifically for the appropriate application. Therefore most switchgear is not available from stock and is manufactured to order.
 If you require replacements, please make direct contact with the machine or appliance manufacturer.
 We can only help if you can quote us the article number (Art. Nr.) on the rating plate of our switching device. 

247/08 TP  

 Type: KSVUD40BO3


 Ie= 9A / 400V

CEE= 3P+N+E  

 AC3= 4kW

Uc= 400V / 50Hz  

 Kd. Art. Nr.


 Made in Europe 

 We will not be able to identify a switch using the name of a machine manufacturer or a machine type.
 All devices or components sent to us will be scrapped without exception after they have been examined to determine whether we can supply   replacements or not. -
 The replacement will be supplied in the current version and we therefore cannot rule out the possibility that it will be different in appearance, function and/or operation.
 We are unable to exchange or take back any switchgear supplied for replacement purposes.
 The lead time for stock items will be approx. 2 – 4 days and approx. 3 – 4 weeks for items which are not in stock.
  Method of payment - see our delivery terms.

 Please complete the inquiry form. We will then send you a written quotation which you can return to us to act as your purchase order.  
 We refer your attention to compliance with our and the general safety instructions.
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