Tripus group is the leading manufacturer in Europe of complete switch systems for DIY and professional equipment.

The Tripus GmbH (founded in 1963) has its head-quarters in Bubesheim, near Günzburg, Germany. Europe wide, around 130

staff are employed in the three companies.

Its core competences are in the areas of:

- injection moulding
- mould construction
- housing mounting and wiring
- coil winding
- cable design

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Tripus systems GmbH Tripus GmbH Tripus Polska
Tripus systems GmbH

Schalt- und Steuergeräte

Bubesheim -

Managing director: José Gómez und Uwe Albers

Tripus systems GmbH Tripus Polska GmbH Tripus, MEI and Tripus Polska GmbH

Märkische Elektro-Industrie

Bubesheim -

Managing director: José Gómez und Uwe Albers  

Tripus Polska Sp. z o. o.

Przetwórstwo tworzyw sztucznych Elektrotechnika

Bierutó -

Managing director: Józef Plachta


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