About Tripus

  • Tripus GmbH since 1963 (table golf)

    It started in 1963

    Foundation of Tripus Kunststoffteile GmbH by Hans Blach, master mechanic, in an old mill in Günzburg starting with injection mouldings, mould construction, housing mounting and wiring. Apart from technical products such as slide frames, indoor aerials,flash attachments, etc., Tripus produced their own range of child's toys (minigolf, tiny record players, etc.).

  • Tripus GmbH since 1963 (phony)


    Acquisition of an area of 16000 sqm in Bubesheim not far from Günzburg. Two years later the company moved to a new production building covering about 1000 sqm. A very successful carpet foam cleaner was developed and produced. That line of production was accompanied by the first switch-plug combinations for woodworking machinery and lawnmowers.

  • Tripus GmbH since 1963


    The production area grew to double size. At their tenth anniversary Tripus employed already 65 persons, the turnover was 4.5 mio DM.

  • Systems solutions


    After the company founder's early death his eldest son and later also his second eldest son took over the company management. The main focus was now put on developing switch-plug combinations for all trades and especially an electronic brake module for woodworking machines.  

  • Plastic injection molding


    Construction of a highly modern building for injection moulding and mould construction. Enlarging the housing mounting branch and the offices.Developing a patented 2-hand switch for the lawnmower industry.  

  • Module assembly, electrical installation


    More than 120 employees celebrated the 25th anniversary of Tripus - now one of the leading manufacturers of switch-plug combinations in Europe. Development and production of a 1-3 pole overload protection.  

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